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170 – A glimpse of the quiet Varazdin and Zagreb streets

We hadn’t realised that today is All Saints Day (a Christian holiday celebration for those who have passed into heaven), and thus everywhere is closed, bar a few cafes. This made it especially lovely to visit Varazdin Cemetery, and until I asked a local if there was a special service going on, we were confused why it was so busy.

Locals were bringing large bouquets, lanterns and the street was closed off by police. We have commented before that the eastern European countries take such pride and care over their cemeteries. The graves were immaculate and beautifully adorned.

We then had a walk around the town looking at the churches, castle, and few shops. The angel museum was closed but looked charming from the outside, and we found a recipe for the local delicacy Klipič if anyone fancies trying it.


Our next stop, Zagreb, is a favourite with friends and others in the motorhome community. The roads were so quiet that we needn’t have paid the toll (€5.76 for a 30min stretch of road).

Knowing it would largely be closed we lucked out with free parking and just had a nice potter around the upper town – choosing the stairs over the funicular and marveling at Palača Grlečić-Jelačić decorated roof. We also stumbled upon some of the cities graffiti (much more to find!) and an old air raid tunnel from WW2 called Gric, which was used for raves in the 90s and now hosts functions.

The lower town had plenty of sculptures and impressive architecture, and if you have eagle eyes you can spot the planetary solar system spaced out appropriately around the city. The more distant planets require a bus drive into the suburbs.

Planets found so far – Earth, Mars and Mercury, and the poor sun is heavily scrawled on.

Our highlight was the interactive 80s museum. It’s a house and you can live in it – enjoy the polyester by dressing up, master the rubik’s cube and play on the many computer games.

I’m looking forward to more exploring and museums tomorrow. This evening I’m already huddled in bed…thinking of the exercise I’ve yet to do 🙈


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