Open Door Traveller Scheme

Making little connections while you travel

Hello and welcome, the kettle is on ๐Ÿ˜Š

Smile, Cuppa, Conversation. Be you a lone traveller, couple or family, when you are traveling it’s sometimes hard to know who fancies a chat and who is on holiday to get some peace and quiet from others.

The Open Door Traveller scheme is a free printable sign you can put up in your motorhome any time you are open to conversation. It’s meant as a friendly beacon to encourage mini connections while travelling. Remember smiles are contagious. Just click Download for the PDF here…

The download is an A4 page you can print, fold in half and pop in your window. You might want to laminate it to keep it pretty. For legal purposes I’ve added the details at the bottom but you can snip these off after reading. Enjoy and please share your experiences on the facebook page.

Visit the Facebook Page for more information and to see the sign in use.

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