233 – Can we stay here forever?

Having driven so far, so fast, we are staying put a bit longer. This means I’ve less to report back so I might have to make the blogs every other day to not bore you with repetition.

Nothing seems to happen before 10 or sometimes 11am. We forget that the Spanish are more nocturnal than us and with it still being dark beyond 8am there is no reason to wake early- can someone please tell my internal alarm clock and Ernest as we are still waking at 6am, which means hours of lounging in bed waiting for the world to wake up….or dozing off again.

Once up it was another long beach walk, trip to the bread shop, a couple of games of bananagrams and I finished my course in Nutrition and Mood, before signing up for another on Exercise Prescription for the prevention of disease which starts in February. I love that these free courses are available, and this last course was especially well delivered. Does anyone know of any other free course providers?

My water is on track and I’m thinking less about coffee, exercise wise did day 4 of Holly and a tester 1 mile with Ernest on the beach but his leg still isn’t completely right. Got a Betty Rocker HIT workout to look forward to after dinner (bodged bubble and squeak…we have no masher).

We met our new camper neighbour on the beach with her whippet and it turns out she is a dog groomer from Thetford – it really is such a small world! It’s so nice to have a nice long natter and we have shared favourite spots along the Spanish coast. We are looking forward to checking out her next beach suggestion tomorrow.

This evening Mark is trying to hunt down a footy pub and I’m going to light my candle, have a pamper session and read my book. Bliss 🙏

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