232 – Studies and yoga with a view

With a fast approaching deadline for my coursework we decided to stay put and enjoy the views. Having taken the pups for their morning walk along the beach our suspicions were confirmed, everyone was english, we have stumbled into an English enclave. Still we can totally understand why they choose to winter here, the view and quiet clean beach is lovely.

The pups had great fun making friends and chasing round. We also spotted a couple of divers and small fishing boats catching huge fish and octopus.

Once back at the van we decided to nip straight back out again to the local cafe. My first big test…sitting opposite Mark and his coffee while I cradled my water bottle. I had to do the same in the evening at a restaurant while he had a beer. It’s ok, I can do this, only 28 days left lol. An obvious benefit of all this water drinking are my kidneys are getting a good flush out…I’m forever dashing to the loo 🤣

Most of the day I was working on my Futurelearn course in Nutrition and Mood – improving mental health. It’s a fascinating and a really engaging course, certainly one of the better ones I’ve taken.

I interspersed coursework with dog walks and ending my day with some Betty Rocker yoga. Yes the fisherman looked at me oddly as I tried to hold the poses and flow but what a lovely spot to do it. Yoga always surprises me with its difficulty and each time I do it I tell myself I should do it more often. My extremely tight hips would certainly thank me!

This evening we were meant to have Bubble and Squeak for dinner but Mark spotted the local pizzeria and needs must. I can balance out the calories over the weekend. As a token gesture I attempted a mile run on a full belly up hill, not recommended!

And once home again I lured Mark out in the cold to do day 3 of the Holly 30 day challenge (he said it was fine, so will rope him in more often), I then did a bulletproof stretch workout and my aching hips feel pretty normal again.

I’m not sure how but last night we failed to spot that the rock of Gibraltar is all lit up at night. It’s hard to capture it from this distance but its very effective.

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